2020-06-13 Michael AndreenUse new more intelligent default for pg_enable_utf8 master
2009-08-22 Michael AndreenRemoved some functions that aren't used anymore
2009-05-15 Michael AndreenUpdated db, to only rollback
2008-07-23 Michael AndreenMake DBD::Pg mark strings as utf8
2008-07-20 Michael AndreenDon't print warnings and clean up better
2008-06-19 Michael AndreenUse RaiseError as default, since I ended up with 'or...
2008-06-17 Michael AndreenJust return the query and let the caller prepare
2008-06-17 Michael AndreenFinally add DB.pm
2008-01-12 Michael AndreenMerge branch 'master' of whale@ruin.nu:git/ND
2008-01-12 Michael Andreendef_log
2007-11-10 Michael Andreenupdated xp for r24
2007-09-10 Michael Andreen.gitignore added
2007-09-10 Michael AndreenInitial commit