3 days ago Michael AndreenRemove indirect object notation master
9 days ago Michael AndreenFix warning for uninitialized prefix
2020-06-21 Michael AndreenAdd dm replies for commands on discord
2020-06-21 Michael AndreenUpdate for new Mojo::Discord compatibility
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenMove stat tick output to command channel
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenMove quotes to database
2019-08-04 Michael AndreenMinor discord fixes
2019-03-24 Michael AndreenUpdate report_incs
2019-03-22 Michael AndreenMerge branch 'discord'
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUniversal scan parsing discord
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated defcall
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenHandle scan requests
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenBot message sending restructure
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated -user to account for discord id
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated .whois to show discord_id
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenDiscord id in +user
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenAdd ircpm type for irc specific commands
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenAdd setdiscordid
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenMove getpass to Usermgm
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenWebbie messages
2019-03-10 Michael AndreenUse discord channel id
2019-03-10 Michael Andreenreorganize context
2019-03-10 Michael AndreenChannels and discord tag
2019-03-10 Michael AndreenInitial Discord support
2019-02-04 Michael AndreenEmp to EMP
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenFix for perl 5.26 inc change
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenFix for perl 5.24
2017-03-19 Michael AndreenPlanetarion is finally using https
2017-01-14 Michael AndreenUse new password infrastructure
2016-05-28 Michael AndreenOnly allow chattr in certain channels
2013-02-23 Michael AndreenUse a non-local variable for the file so it doesn't...
2012-03-24 Michael AndreenDon't automatically add wildcard at start of shipname...
2012-03-24 Michael Andreendisable megahal
2012-03-24 Michael Andreenuse local::lib
2011-09-15 Michael AndreenAdded .sendmail command noeos
2011-03-27 Michael AndreenHelp texts are only a single string now
2011-01-18 Michael AndreenBugfix, bring back to shortcut to .anon
2010-11-20 Michael AndreenLearn from background talk, not only direkt talk
2010-08-07 Michael AndreenFormat for ally def page changed
2010-08-06 Michael AndreenColumn for shipname has been renamed
2010-03-18 Michael AndreenShuffle after 12 ticks
2010-01-30 Michael AndreenMerge branch 'master' into noeos
2010-01-30 Michael AndreenCatch errors in inc reports so we can rollback the...
2010-01-22 Michael AndreenLet Delling take over Eos' responsibilities
2010-01-10 Michael AndreenRestrict .p to member channels
2010-01-08 Michael AndreenSet points before the check
2010-01-08 Michael AndreenHide warning
2010-01-06 Michael Andreengetanti command
2010-01-06 Michael AndreenSome module preloading and cleanup
2009-12-06 Michael AndreenConverted Scans
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted SMS
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted Quotes
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted Def
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted Intel
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted Members
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted Misc
2009-12-05 Michael AndreenConverted PA
2009-11-29 Michael AndreenConverted Channel to new infrastructure
2009-11-29 Michael AndreenConverted Usermgm to new infrastructure
2009-11-29 Michael AndreenNew infrastructure for commands with basic commands...
2009-11-15 Michael AndreenNeed to load NDIRC::Context when NDIRC::Misc isn't...
2009-11-10 Michael AndreenLog notices, need POE::Component::IRC 6.16
2009-11-10 Michael AndreenAdd coords and type to the scan response
2009-11-04 Michael AndreenAdded planet intel to g command
2009-11-04 Michael AndreenAdded allygals command
2009-11-04 Michael AndreenImplemented allycoords command
2009-11-04 Michael AndreenShow number of dists on scan requests
2009-10-05 Michael AndreenNeed to send a real value to execute when the role...
2009-10-05 Michael AndreenConvert all input strings to utf-8
2009-09-18 Michael AndreenNeed to return the status for new calls
2009-09-11 Michael AndreenSlightly changed the call reporting
2009-09-08 Michael AndreenUpdate setcalc and getcalc to new infrastructure
2009-08-29 Michael AndreenAdd the nosmoke command
2009-08-27 Michael AndreenMake it possible to remove members of specified groups...
2009-08-27 Michael AndreenDon't add empty string flag when using +
2009-08-26 Michael AndreenServers need to be in array refs
2009-08-26 Michael AndreenNeed the pid
2009-08-26 Michael AndreenFixed typo
2009-08-25 Michael Andreensay and cmd commands for better bot control
2009-08-25 Michael AndreenPlanet tags, for attaching random information to planets
2009-08-23 Michael AndreenConverted the group roles for new gid
2009-08-23 Michael AndreenIntroduce a uid member for the context and use it intea...
2009-08-21 Michael AndreenFix, we don't use the HEAP anymore
2009-08-20 Michael AndreenAdd megahal support to delling
2009-08-20 Michael AndreenRenamed the startup script to ndbot.pl, which is less...
2009-08-20 Michael AndreenSplit long lines, using the algorithm from irssi splitl...
2009-08-20 Michael AndreenMake disp an instance variable, instead of heap, and...
2009-08-19 Michael AndreenUse Moose and make the bots object-oriented with Bot...
2009-08-19 Michael AndreenRemoved the global variables for special chans, using...
2009-08-19 Michael AndreenRemove the use of global defchan in report_incs, also...
2009-08-18 Michael AndreenAuthentication, autojoin, reconnect and minor fixes...
2009-08-18 Michael AndreenAdded code for Eos + fix for DCC and Quotes
2009-08-17 Michael AndreenAdded the Delling specific code
2009-08-17 Michael AndreenA bit more for the common states
2009-08-17 Michael AndreenMove things to bot specific class + some more shared...
2009-08-16 Michael AndreenBasic conversion to POE::Component::IRC
2009-08-15 Michael AndreenUpdate for changes to groups and irc channels
2009-08-06 Michael AndreenUpdate to new database structure
2009-08-04 Michael AndreenMore info with .sms
2009-08-04 Michael AndreenFix, don't add functions with no attributes