2007-12-19 Michael AndreenMore help output master v0.1
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenLicense and minor installation instructions
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenOnly build tests if we have cppunit available
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenCheck for TR1 or Boost
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenMake it possible to build statically against the includ...
2007-12-05 Michael Andreenadd an option to print the permutation
2007-10-30 Michael AndreenIntroduce -i for only identifying the model, excluding...
2007-10-29 Michael Andreenchanged name to GERMS
2007-10-29 Michael Andreenmore ignores
2007-10-29 Michael AndreenSmall optimization in sort()
2007-09-14 Michael AndreenOnly headers and exclude tests + minor report update
2007-08-29 Michael AndreenAdded a Whirl model, which favors reversals, instead...
2007-08-29 Michael AndreenDOC: more doxygen documentation
2007-08-28 Michael Andreenbad testcase
2007-08-28 Michael AndreenBUGFIX: forgot to set parent to 0 on child when removin...
2007-08-23 Michael AndreenAdded more doxygen documentation
2007-08-22 Michael Andreenadded .gitignore files
2007-08-16 Michael Andreencalculate the proper distance, with hurdles
2007-08-16 Michael AndreenshortBranches
2007-08-16 Michael Andreenhave all tests enabled
2007-08-16 Michael Andreencount leaves
2007-08-16 Michael Andreenmake the componenttree a minimal unoriented tree
2007-08-15 Michael Andreenmore complete test
2007-08-15 Michael Andreeninital commit of componenttree with associated changes
2007-08-14 Michael Andreenupdated comments
2007-08-14 Michael Andreenpossible to chose a model
2007-08-14 Michael AndreenmodelFactory method, to help create models
2007-08-14 Michael Andreenscoring function for Zipper model
2007-08-13 Michael Andreendon't really need print the gene order
2007-08-13 Michael Andreencalculate the avg score for the model
2007-08-13 Michael Andreensome comments
2007-08-03 Michael Andreengive access to reverse action members, and calculate...
2007-08-03 Michael Andreena little more refactoring, name might just as well...
2007-08-03 Michael Andreengenesorter now uses models to score actions, specific...
2007-08-03 Michael Andreenstarted a refactoring with Model class to score differe...
2007-08-01 Michael Andreenhad a nice idea
2007-08-01 Michael AndreenOnly show models with positive score, and convert the...
2007-07-30 Michael Andreenadding command line options
2007-06-30 Michael Andreena little performance tuning
2007-06-30 Michael Andreendon't print as much
2007-06-27 Michael AndreentoString for actions
2007-06-25 Michael Andreenbetter main program
2007-06-24 Michael Andreencast to size_t instead of asuming unsigned long
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenadded a test case with hurdles
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenrenamed a function and removed some debug output
2007-06-24 Michael Andreensorting without hurdles seems to work
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenminor change
2007-06-24 Michael Andreengood to have a inversion distance function
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenminor things
2007-06-24 Michael Andreennicer with size_t for cycles, they can't be negative...
2007-06-24 Michael Andreencopy constructor and assignment constructor
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenbetter if SortAction takes care of the shared_ptr,...
2007-06-24 Michael Andreenwe need a list of smart pointers
2007-06-24 Michael Andreensetting up things for implementing the sorting
2007-06-21 Michael AndreenModelIdentifier::identify implemented and passes test
2007-06-21 Michael Andreeninitial commit of the modelidentifier files
2007-06-20 Michael Andreena little cleanup and minor fix
2007-06-20 Michael AndreenfindComponents implemented and passes test
2007-06-20 Michael AndreenForgot to update the comment
2007-06-20 Michael AndreenfindIntervalsAtPoitns is now O(n)
2007-06-20 Michael AndreenfindIntervals is now O(n)
2007-06-20 Michael Andreenmoved a function and added comment
2007-06-19 Michael Andreenfirst point in points is now a dummy so indexes matches...
2007-06-19 Michael AndreencountCycles implemented and passess test
2007-06-19 Michael Andreenbetter use debug information at this stage
2007-06-19 Michael AndreenfindIntervalAtPoints implemnted and passes test
2007-06-19 Michael AndreenfindIntervals implemented and passing test
2007-06-19 Michael Andreenadding countCycles, findComponents, findIntervals decla...
2007-06-18 Michael Andreenlongest increasing and decreasing subsequences
2007-06-18 Michael Andreenrobinson schensted algorithm implemented
2007-06-18 Michael Andreenmore documentation
2007-06-18 Michael AndreenGeneOrder::reverse implemented
2007-06-18 Michael Andreensome cleanup, documentation, begin() and end() methods
2007-06-14 Michael Andreencmake testing
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenqt tester optional
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenneed the dir too
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenlibrary path is good
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenassignment works
2007-06-14 Michael Andreencopy constructor works
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenconstructor for GeneOrder done
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenput executables in the right place
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenneed a main file
2007-06-14 Michael Andreena bit nicer
2007-06-14 Michael Andreensome more changes
2007-06-14 Michael Andreensome initial tests
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenlower case is nicer
2007-06-14 Michael Andreenlink with fann
2007-06-14 Michael Andreensome build tools
2007-06-12 Michael Andreensome initial commits