descriptionGEne order Rearrangement Model Selector
ownerMichael Andreen
last changeWed, 19 Dec 2007 14:23:40 +0000 (15:23 +0100)
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenMore help output master v0.1
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenLicense and minor installation instructions
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenOnly build tests if we have cppunit available
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenCheck for TR1 or Boost
2007-12-19 Michael AndreenMake it possible to build statically against the includ...
2007-12-05 Michael Andreenadd an option to print the permutation
2007-10-30 Michael AndreenIntroduce -i for only identifying the model, excluding...
2007-10-29 Michael Andreenchanged name to GERMS
2007-10-29 Michael Andreenmore ignores
2007-10-29 Michael AndreenSmall optimization in sort()
2007-09-14 Michael AndreenOnly headers and exclude tests + minor report update
2007-08-29 Michael AndreenAdded a Whirl model, which favors reversals, instead...
2007-08-29 Michael AndreenDOC: more doxygen documentation
2007-08-28 Michael Andreenbad testcase
2007-08-28 Michael AndreenBUGFIX: forgot to set parent to 0 on child when removin...
2007-08-23 Michael AndreenAdded more doxygen documentation
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