2002-08-24 Michael Andreensome master origin
2002-07-07 Michael Andreencode cleenup..
2002-07-01 Michael Andreenadded colors to the battle report..
2002-07-01 Michael Andreenthe battlereport works now..
2002-06-30 Michael Andreenstarted to work on the battle report.. almost there =)
2002-06-19 Michael Andreensome changes..
2002-06-04 Michael Andreenchanged the capping functionallity..
2002-05-31 Michael Andreennew stats...
2002-05-31 Michael Andreencommited the r7 stats..
2002-05-13 Michael Andreennow compiles with gcc 3.1, might not work with gcc...
2002-05-13 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-05-10 Michael AndreenFixed a bug in the shipstealing code..
2002-05-10 Michael Andreenhbs now handles salvage.. not fully correctly yet thoug...
2002-05-10 Michael Andreenmuch better indenting.. (thnx vim ;)
2002-05-09 Michael Andreenadded code so you lose ships if you steal..
2002-04-25 Michael Andreena couple of bugs solved..
2002-04-24 Michael AndreenStarted the work to split up the pods better..
2002-04-22 Michael Andreennow removes removes score when you lose roids..
2002-04-22 Michael Andreenevil bug.. HBS_0_3_2
2002-04-22 Michael Andreen*** empty log message *** HBS_0_3_1
2002-04-22 Michael Andreensmaller changes HBS_0_3_0
2002-04-22 Michael Andreennow shows the lost score for the planet and the capping...
2002-04-18 Michael Andreenone more evil bug (in th ecapping)
2002-04-18 Michael Andreenfixed an evil bug in the emp code
2002-04-17 Michael Andreensome minor changes HBS_0_2_0
2002-04-17 Michael Andreenjust changed "Killed Units" to "Units difference"
2002-04-17 Michael Andreenadded the possibility to watch blocked and survived...
2002-04-16 Michael Andreenmoving the tick changing to the toolbar instead of...
2002-04-15 Michael Andreendocumentation
2002-04-15 Michael Andreensome documentation
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenadded functionallity to show the cost for each roid.
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenlast minute bug.. ;P HBS_0_1_1
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenforgot a thing.. ;)
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenminor changes HBS_0_1_0
2002-04-12 Michael AndreenMinor changes
2002-04-12 Michael Andreensome instructions
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenminor changes
2002-04-12 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-04-12 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-04-12 Michael Andreeninitial commit
2002-04-12 Michael Andreennow distributes and shows captured roids..
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenfixed a score bug..
2002-04-12 Michael Andreenfixed a bug with non shooting pds...
2002-04-12 Michael AndreenA few more bugs killed.. still a few left before 0...
2002-04-11 Michael Andreenemp works now too..
2002-04-11 Michael Andreensolved an evil bug in Fleet::distributeLossesGains...
2002-04-11 Michael Andreenbattle algorithms are getting more and more mature...
2002-04-09 Michael AndreentakeShoot function might work now..
2002-04-09 Michael Andreenadded this file.. thought it was there before
2002-04-09 Michael Andreensome algorithms..
2002-04-09 Michael Andreenbattle algorithms are getting closer.. ;)
2002-04-08 Michael Andreenforgot a few things...
2002-04-08 Michael AndreenThe work on the combat algorithm is going forward,...
2002-04-07 Michael AndreenBSDoc should now create a friendly and a hostile vector...
2002-04-07 Michael Andreenadding, removing and chaning fleets now works.
2002-04-07 Michael Andreenadded the possibility to add new fleets..
2002-04-07 Michael AndreenRoids/score for planets are now editable
2002-04-06 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-04-06 Michael Andreenfinially got it to save I think..
2002-04-06 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-04-06 Michael Andreenfixed an evil vector bug..
2002-04-06 Michael Andreenadded comboboxes for the battle and group in the info...
2002-04-06 Michael Andreeninitial commit
2002-04-05 Michael Andreenadded the possibility to edit fleets
2002-04-04 Michael Andreeninitial commit
2002-04-04 Michael Andreenchanged my internal structure from Fleet to Fleet*
2002-03-26 Michael Andreensome minor changes
2002-03-18 Michael Andreensome changes
2002-03-13 Michael AndreenFixed my evil bug
2002-03-12 Michael Andreensome modifications
2002-03-12 Michael AndreenAll races finished..
2002-03-12 Michael Andreeninitial commit
2002-03-12 Michael Andreenfleetview now generates the correct "unit table" when...
2002-03-12 Michael Andreenfixed some const/stl problems..
2002-03-11 Michael AndreenCan now load the stats and race configurations..
2002-03-09 Michael Andreeninitial commit of the BSConf class.
2002-03-09 Michael AndreenMostly inital commits.
2002-03-08 Michael Andreenminor features added
2002-03-08 Michael Andreensome minor ui changes
2002-03-07 Michael AndreenAdded the possibility to add new battles.
2002-03-07 Michael Andreenfixed an evil bug..
2002-03-07 Michael AndreenSome changes..
2002-03-06 Michael Andreeninitial dokumentation
2002-03-06 Michael Andreensome fixes
2002-03-06 Michael Andreensome stuff
2002-03-05 Michael AndreenSome fixes..
2002-03-05 Michael Andreeninitial commit of hbs.doxconf
2002-01-27 Michael AndreenInitial commit for the configuration files
2002-01-22 Michael AndreenInitial commit of unittype.cpp and unittype.h
2002-01-22 Michael AndreenKinda added fleet.h~ by mistake, removing it now..
2002-01-22 Michael AndreenInitial commit of fleet.cpp and fleet.h
2001-11-20 Michael AndreenSome changes
2001-09-27 Michael AndreenThe last commit before backup
2001-09-24 Michael Andreencommiting the basic structure and some test code
2001-09-24 Michael Andreenit should really be in ;)
2001-09-24 Michael Andreenshouldn't really do this..
2001-09-24 Michael Andreenadding a new file
2001-09-14 Michael AndreenSome small changes
2001-09-08 Michael Andreensome small changes
2001-09-08 Michael AndreenChanged lots of classnames from Bc to BS