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2020-06-23 Michael AndreenNo need to show old sticky announcements on main page...
2020-06-20 Michael AndreenOnly list threads with posts in the last 50 days as...
2020-06-18 Michael AndreenDon't show unit scans in raid if they're older than...
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenT3 is listed in stats again
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenCleaning database isn't done for shuffle anymore
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenBlock additional scans script if one is already running
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenRemove old ugly hacks from pre-history
2019-10-29 Michael AndreenShow coords on raid view page
2019-10-23 Michael AndreenAdd access to helper launch confirmation helper functions
2019-10-22 Michael AndreenEnable launch confirmation for all attackers
2019-08-17 Michael AndreenInterface for searching for quotes
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenQuotes in database
2019-03-07 Michael AndreenAdd discord_id discord
2019-03-07 Michael AndreenSet secure bit on cookies when using https
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