2008-01-26 Michael AndreenSpelling fix in inittab master
2008-01-26 Michael Andreenadded plan and inittab
2008-01-26 Michael Andreenno point in continuing if there are no more preconditio...
2008-01-26 Michael Andreenbetter gentoo plan
2008-01-26 Michael AndreenSpell gentoo properly
2008-01-26 Michael Andreenupdated the script for sysinit and boot
2008-01-26 Michael Andreenmore complete file
2008-01-26 Michael AndreenMore documentation of actions
2008-01-26 Michael Andreendifferent times
2008-01-26 Michael Andreendocumented action.h
2005-06-03 Michael Andreenmore documentation
2005-06-03 Michael Andreendocumentation
2005-06-03 Michael Andreensplitup of execution
2005-06-03 Michael Andreenincluding iterator
2005-06-03 Michael Andreen0 instead of NULL
2005-06-02 Michael Andreenremoved some more debug output
2005-06-02 Michael Andreenmajor bugfix
2005-06-02 Michael Andreenparallell
2005-06-02 Mårten DolkUpdated sim.txt example
2005-06-02 Mårten DolkAdded delay time and pritty output
2005-06-02 Michael Andreen-F
2005-06-01 Michael Andreenchanging back, and including locale
2005-06-01 Michael Andreensimple hash
2005-05-20 Michael Andreenbugfixes in the gentoo file
2005-05-19 Michael Andreensoft, not hard, goals and bugfixes in the gentoo file
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenuse bison explicitly
2005-05-19 Mårten Dolkadded declaration of yyparse()
2005-05-19 Michael Andreengoing back
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenfunction declaration
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenadded actions for gentoo
2005-05-19 Michael Andreendelete remaining actions
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenreplanning seems to work
2005-05-19 Mårten DolkChanged random seed to use usec instead of seconds
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenreplanning started
2005-05-19 Mårten Dolkintital ci of simprog.c
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenplanning and execution seems to work now
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenremoving unsatisfiable soft conditions
2005-05-19 Michael Andreenseems to be working now
2005-05-19 Michael Andreensome changes
2005-05-18 Michael Andreensmall change
2005-05-17 Michael Andreentypo
2005-05-17 Michael Andreensome changes
2005-05-17 Michael Andreenmore sane test
2005-05-17 Michael Andreenadding parser and test file
2005-05-17 Michael Andreen(no commit message)
2005-05-17 Michael Andreensome done, need parser
2005-05-17 Michael Andreennot working
2005-05-09 Michael Andreenthe Makefile might be useful if you don't have qmake
2005-05-09 Michael Andreenmoved addNode
2005-05-08 Michael AndreenMight be good to have a destructor too
2005-05-08 Michael Andreenreferences instead of copies
2005-05-07 Michael Andreenname the executable planner instead of src
2005-05-07 Michael Andreenonly execute an action when all preconditions are are...
2005-05-06 Michael Andreeninitial execution of the plan
2005-05-06 Michael AndreenForgot to add the start node
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenseems to work
2005-05-06 Michael Andreencompiles again
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenit compiles
2005-05-06 Michael Andreensome changes
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded more to action
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded action files
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded plannet.cpp
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded node class
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded planner header
2005-05-06 Michael Andreeninitial commit
2005-05-06 Michael Andreenadded an src dir