Welcome to the home of HBS

HBS is a battle calculate for the very popular game planetarion.

So there are already a crapload of them around.. Yes there is, but either they got a web interface (I'm kinda not fond of that.. ;) or only run in windows. Another thing that I really wanted was a battle calc that supported different fleets with different eta. =)

HBS (which stands for harvalen's battle system), is written using the Qt library (this is not QuickTime, visit www.trolltech.com if you want more info.) and should compile and run under all platform supported by Qt (version 3.0.0 and later) and got a ANSI/ISO compliant c++ compiler.

At the moment only a source tarball is provided, I might add a statically linked binary for linux/x86 though..




Got any questions or suggestions? You can either find me in #harvbs on plantarion irc net or send a mail to hbs@hairwhale.cjb.net or, of course, visit my forum.

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