descriptionLibrary for the NewDawn irc bots.
ownerMichael Andreen
last changeSat, 4 Jul 2020 13:28:32 +0000 (15:28 +0200)
3 days ago Michael AndreenRemove indirect object notation master
9 days ago Michael AndreenFix warning for uninitialized prefix
2020-06-21 Michael AndreenAdd dm replies for commands on discord
2020-06-21 Michael AndreenUpdate for new Mojo::Discord compatibility
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenMove stat tick output to command channel
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenMove quotes to database
2019-08-04 Michael AndreenMinor discord fixes
2019-03-24 Michael AndreenUpdate report_incs
2019-03-22 Michael AndreenMerge branch 'discord'
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUniversal scan parsing discord
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated defcall
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenHandle scan requests
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenBot message sending restructure
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated -user to account for discord id
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenUpdated .whois to show discord_id
2019-03-21 Michael AndreenDiscord id in +user
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