descriptionMy entry for the icfp contest 2005
ownerMichael Andreen
last changeWed, 13 Jul 2005 15:47:25 +0000 (15:47 +0000)
2005-07-13 Michael Andreenadded license master
2005-07-10 Michael Andreencommented out debug output
2005-07-10 Michael Andreennew robber is good
2005-07-10 Michael Andreendon't vote if there is no plan
2005-07-10 Michael Andreenforgot to add this file earlier
2005-07-10 Michael Andreeninitial implementation of new robber
2005-07-10 Michael Andreenbranched the robber for new idea
2005-07-10 Michael Andreenadded possibility to change cost
2005-07-10 Michael Andreenremoved two stupid lines
2005-07-10 Michael Andreentemplates
2005-07-10 Michael Andreencommented out some debug output
2005-07-09 Michael Andreenlots of connections is a good thing
2005-07-09 Michael Andreenbetter cop
2005-07-09 Michael Andreenadd the number of connecting streets as a factor in...
2005-07-09 Michael Andreenadded limit to SimpleSPGoal and ensured that two additi...
2005-07-09 Michael Andreenfixed bug in the graph-building
14 years ago master