3 days ago Michael AndreenRemove indirect object notation master
7 days ago Michael AndreenBe more paranoid with param in list context
2020-06-23 Michael AndreenNo need to show old sticky announcements on main page...
2020-06-20 Michael AndreenOnly list threads with posts in the last 50 days as...
2020-06-18 Michael AndreenDon't show unit scans in raid if they're older than...
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenT3 is listed in stats again
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenCleaning database isn't done for shuffle anymore
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenBlock additional scans script if one is already running
2020-06-13 Michael AndreenRemove old ugly hacks from pre-history
2019-10-29 Michael AndreenShow coords on raid view page
2019-10-23 Michael AndreenAdd access to helper launch confirmation helper functions
2019-10-22 Michael AndreenEnable launch confirmation for all attackers
2019-08-17 Michael AndreenInterface for searching for quotes
2019-08-16 Michael AndreenQuotes in database
2019-03-07 Michael AndreenAdd discord_id discord
2019-03-07 Michael AndreenSet secure bit on cookies when using https
2018-11-03 Michael Andreentimestamp on email_change
2018-10-13 Michael AndreenBlock entering coords right after shuffle
2018-10-06 Michael AndreenStats are using EMP insted of Emp
2018-10-06 Michael AndreenPossible to clear email address
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenUpdated stats script, t2
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenUpdated stats script for new layout
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenApache isn't used anymore
2018-01-03 Michael AndreenUse localhost for mail
2017-10-16 Michael AndreenAllow non member attackers to post own coords
2017-10-15 Michael AndreenHandle eta column on fleet pastes
2017-10-14 Michael AndreenOnly show coords box for attackers
2017-10-14 Michael AndreenFix so coords can be entered
2017-09-22 Michael AndreenFix sms sending permission
2017-09-02 Michael AndreenPopulation in dev scans
2017-09-02 Michael AndreenShow target coords as soon as they are released
2017-09-02 Michael AndreenFleet paste is not mandatory anymore
2017-09-02 Michael AndreenFix for perl 5.24
2017-05-17 Michael Andreenruler and planet name don't need to be unique anymore
2017-03-19 Michael AndreenPlanetarion is finally using https
2017-03-19 Michael AndreenFix planet log user id
2017-02-26 Michael AndreenMake use of the newish planet id from stats
2017-01-17 Michael AndreenShow avilable credits
2017-01-17 Michael AndreenOnly run password trigger when password is changed
2017-01-17 Michael AndreenFix access to sms page
2017-01-17 Michael AndreenKeep track of sms credits
2017-01-16 Michael AndreenAdd sms sending to webbie
2017-01-15 Michael AndreenFix password trigger
2017-01-14 Michael AndreenProperly salt passwords
2017-01-14 Michael AndreenStats format change
2017-01-14 Michael AndreenDon't resend sms when out of credits
2016-04-16 Michael AndreenShow how many times an alliance has been targeted by us.
2016-03-29 Michael AndreenTreat Alliance Standby fleets as fleets with no missions
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenClean up database directory
2016-03-27 Michael Andreenintel role
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenUse default template when smsconfirm is called accidently
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenSuppress experimental warning for smartmatch
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenDon't set font-size, just use default instead
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenEscape planet and rule names in templates.
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenIgnore accidental calls to smsconfirm
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenGEOIP_STANDARD variable is not valid anymore.
2016-03-27 Michael AndreenFix newsscan parser
2014-03-23 Michael AndreenDon't try to fetch ships for incoming fleets.
2014-03-22 Michael AndreenTravel time and prelaunch ticks has switched order.
2014-03-22 Michael AndreenUnicode::Encoding is autoloaded.
2014-03-22 Michael AndreenUpdate fleet parsing for round 56.
2014-03-15 Michael AndreenUpdate to be compatible with newer Catalyst.
2014-01-11 Michael AndreenAdd military centres and structure defence to dev scans
2014-01-11 Michael AndreenLWP::Simple fix for cloudfare
2013-06-09 Michael AndreenUse local::lib properly
2013-06-09 Michael AndreenUpdate news parser to new format
2013-06-09 Michael AndreenParse the new gal status and ally def page formats
2011-10-29 Michael AndreenShipname can contain space now
2011-09-14 Michael AndreenDon't require dbi plugin for template toolkit
2011-03-27 Michael AndreenAdd the dependencies file
2011-01-14 Michael AndreenRevert "Remove attack groups"
2010-08-11 Michael AndreenRemove debug output
2010-08-11 Michael AndreenOnly full fleets should be added again after 6 ticks
2010-08-10 Michael AndreenMake fleet parser more generic to support Opera Mini
2010-08-10 Michael AndreenAllow new full fleets if the old one is a few ticks old
2010-08-07 Michael Andreenencoder was used in a bad way
2010-08-07 Michael AndreenDef page format changed
2010-08-07 Michael AndreenEmpty fleets aren't like normal fleets..
2010-08-06 Michael AndreenRemove attack groups
2010-08-06 Michael AndreenUpdate fleet parsing for r38, launch confirmation and...
2010-08-03 Michael AndreenRename the shipname attribute
2010-08-03 Michael AndreenMerge updates from new catalyst.pl
2010-07-28 Michael AndreenOnly show unread link for logged in users
2010-07-28 Michael AndreenFix to use valid html
2010-07-03 Michael AndreenShow value percentage for defenders on call page
2010-06-20 Michael AndreenShow recevied and sent value on def leeches page
2010-06-02 Michael AndreenRemove the old stats automatically when parsing
2010-03-30 Michael AndreenUpdate to jquery 1.4
2010-03-21 Michael AndreenFormat for scans has changed to include commas in numbers
2010-02-06 Michael AndreenUse escape string literal
2010-02-02 Michael AndreenFix in case planets happens to be 0
2010-01-22 Michael AndreenReorganized menu a bit, moving covop and bc menus a...
2010-01-22 Michael AndreenReport incs through webbie
2010-01-13 Michael AndreenAdded the ndreport script and updated ndmail so it...
2009-12-27 Michael AndreenOnly require fleet paste for raids and launch confirmation
2009-11-04 Michael AndreenReplace the retal cron job with a web page
2009-10-31 Michael AndreenUse new url for stats
2009-10-19 Michael AndreenPossible to mark threads unread from a specific post
2009-10-19 Michael AndreenPossible to mark threads as unread
2009-10-04 Michael AndreenUpdate retal raid script for the new infrastructure